Our Goals

  1. Assisting project partners in the implementation of effective training and institutional learning.
  2. Assistance in selecting the methodology for managing educational projects.
  3. Assistance in the selection of technical solutions in educational projects

Our Goal:

We want your company to continue to exist in 10 years’ time. We believe that in the 21st century, companies aiming to stay on the market must deliver their services faster and more effectively. This is due to the fact that at the moment, the winner who is only a small element is better than the competition. We believe that in order to be ahead of the competition, it is necessary to have a qualified team of employees. We believe that the proper use of the latest information and communications technologies has a direct impact on the availability of qualified staff.

How do we achieve our goal? We believe that the fastest way to learn new skills is to teach remotely with the latest technology. When designing our products and services, we assumed that they had to be user-friendly and easy to use, accessible to everyone, without the need for any IT knowledge. We also wanted them to provide comprehensive and, above all, effective acquisition of new knowledge.


About Us:

We are:

In shsort CCOfBE

CCOfBE as been engaged in professional implementation, management and execution of programming projects. The services are based on PRINCE2 and Scrum project management methodology.

CCOfBE has a comprehensive offer concerning the implementation of e-learning projects. We offer consulting and consulting, configuration of the e-learning platform, implementation of programming changes and development of multimedia trainings on the basis of materials provided by the Client.

The foundation CCOfBE  is a team of IT and management specialists. The professional experience of the employees is based on several years of work in IT departments of companies from the financial, telecommunications, research and development, educational and scientific sectors.

We specialize in the Mahara ePortoflio teaching system.