E-learning platform elBox24
for schools

In Poland, more and more schools are using e-learning platforms, which is also confirmed by the growing interest in implementing e-learning in schools. Directors who want to introduce e-learning in their schools, or who want to prepare an application for funding from the European Union funds just to launch e-learning in school, often not yet fully knowing what the e-learning system should look like, in order to make it easier for teachers to work and make the learning process more attractive for students, will apply to us.

The platform also allows for:

  • testing and quizzes that are checked automatically;
  • communication between the teacher and the student, as well as between students;
  • managing the education process;
  • monitoring the progress of individual pupils, classes and the whole school;
  • print certificates;
  • generating reports useful for e. g. during an interview;
  • informing parents about the progress of their children;
  • keeping an electronic evaluation log;
  • automated creation and modification of timetables and timetables, if necessary;
  • and many others.

We would like to add that each e-learning platform is created based on the needs and preferences of a given school, both in terms of functionality and graphics.

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What can we help?

Our role is not only to implement the system technically, but also to advise and help you to build an optimal system. We often spend many hours with the client in order to show him how many functionalities the e-learning platform has, illustrate to what they can be used for, and then select those that will prove their worth in a given school. Of course, other functionalities should have a platform for primary school, other for junior high school, and yet another for secondary schools.

What does e-learning actually mean?

Interestingly, our Customers are usually very positively surprised by what the e-learning platform offers them. They often come to us with the conviction that the platform is only a “place where you can throw the material into learning”. Nothing more wrong.

How much does it cost?

Very often the first question to be asked during a conversation is “and how much does it cost? We assure you that our customers are very positively surprised by the answer, because because we base our solution on open source Moodle system on creating platforms at the highest level of quality at very competitive prices.

Do you have questions?

We invite you to contact our advisors who will be happy to answer all questions related to e-learning. Our advisors can also carry out free needs analysis and offer an optimal e-learning solution.

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