New innovations in e-learning

In the last days of May, the latest version of Moodle™ 3.1. New in the world of e-learning based on Moodle™ is also the latest version of Moodle™ Mobile available in version 3.1. What is interesting in the novelties? We are already talking!

Moodle™ 3.1

Since 23 May we can test and use the latest version of Moodle™. Around November/December, version 3.2 is expected to be published so that the version 3.3 will be available in May of next year. The system requirements that we must meet in order to be able to enjoy the new version are: PHP 5.4.4, MySQL 5.5.31.

In version 3.1 we can find a few useful novelties.

  • Administrators may create a learning plan for individual pupils or groups of students
  • The sections and names in the course have been made easier to edit.
  • Change the place where you can send messages. Now it is a simple solution. Simply click the button next to the image.
  • A global search for courses by keywords has been introduced.
  • Possibility of attaching more important posts to forums.
  • All deleted odds can now be restored using the basket function.

All novelties in version 3.1 can be read on moodle. org (

Mobile Moodle™ 3.1

This is the latest version of e-learning system available on mobile phones. The application is available for smartphones running on Android and iOS systems. Users have been given the opportunity to resolve quizzes.
Another novelty is the possibility of offline test solutions. Teachers were also cared for, allowing them to review their students’ competences using smartphones.
In addition, the latest version allows you to play movies and other media content, which was not previously possible in the application. We are very pleased that mobile learning is developing so dynamically.