E-learning platform elBox24
for corporations

Based on the experience of Customers who report the need for an e-learning platform, which will be used for internal training needs of the company.
We have prepared a product that will meet the expectations of every multi-branch company.

The e-learning platform for corporations is a comprehensive system enabling the management of training processes in the company.


Reports and rankings

With a few clicks, check the progress of your employees, the results in courses and tests and check the rankings.


Your platform and training courses will be available on mobile devices, allowing your employees to use them in any free time and place. Learning has never been simpler and more enjoyable!


Manage the competence acquisition process, monitor your employees, study their skills and allow you to build your portfolio on the e-learning platform by adding an element of competition.

Do you have questions?

We invite you to contact our advisors who will be happy to answer all questions related to e-learning. Our advisors can also carry out free needs analysis and offer an optimal e-learning solution.

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